Explosions of Colour Giclee Print

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'As I watched her painting in her own unique style I realized that I needed to invest in some better paper as water poured off the table onto the floor. Luckily this was on the other side from where she was standing, but it needed to be remedied. So I bought the best-quality watercolour paper I could find in the exact size to fit the coffee table where she painted. Iris wasn’t a fan of change and I was concerned that this paper with its rougher textured surface would not be appreciated. I did not need to worry, though. She studied it as if it was an experiment: first gently patting it with her palm on the paper, then looking at it so closely that her nose almost touched it. She appeared to kiss the paper but I could see that she was actually feeling the texture with the top part of her lip, just on her cupid’s bow. With her head now turned to the side she rested her cheek and looked straight at me and smiled. This rare eye contact was a striking change in her behaviour. I handed over her favourite paintbrush. With quick flicks high into the air the paper was soon filled with explosions of colour and the cotton rag watercolour paper was happily soaking up all Iris’s watery paint. After the colours were dry she added another layer of white – she didn’t want any water added. By using a longer brush she drew the paintbrush over the paper in a wave-like motion, creating patterns, and then, moving round to the other side of the table and tapping the brush, she created dots of white. I slid her painting table under the kitchen table to let it dry and mopped up the floor. This had been a particularly vigorous session and little splats of colour were dotted all over the place.'

Here is a Detail photograph of Explosions of Colour

Here is an example of 'Explosions of Colour' mounted and framed.