Namazzi Blue Giclee Print

£50.00 GBP

With springs in her feet she bounces and leaps for joy as she watches the rain, rivers, streams and fountains.  Intrigued by their movement and ever-changing nature.  Impressions in her mind that later can be seen on paper.   A tremendous amount of tools and brushes lie before her, a collection that has slowly built over years.  Thoughtfully picking out a few, Iris experiments with rolling, stamping, smudging, dabbing and carefully sponging the paint creating a beautiful effect.  I am reminded of a rippling stream, you can almost hear it so we named her painting 'Namazzi Blue'.

Namazzi means water in Ugandan.  Iris has always loved African music so some of her paintings have names inspired from there.  

The Printer uses the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing and printing equipment, they pay fastidious attention to colour balancing to ensure extremely accurate reproduction.

Here is a Detail photograph of Namazzi Blue

Here is an example of 'Namazzi Blue' mounted and framed.