Octavia Giclee Print

£50.00 GBP

The Printer uses the very latest in art printing technology with fully calibrated photo-scanning, processing and printing equipment, they pay fastidious attention to colour balancing to ensure extremely accurate reproduction.

Here is a Detail photograph of Octavia

'Since we were introducing so many other activities to Iris’s day she was painting less than before, but the table, paper and paints were always out for her to use whenever she wanted to. There was a painting that sat in the architect’s chest under a pile of unfinished pieces. It wasn’t forgotten about and was often revisited but never finished until one rather stormy day. The wind blew so strongly that day that I worried we might lose some tiles off the roof. I stayed close to Iris in case she needed me, but Iris had her painting and with it placed on the table in the kitchen she worked fast, an array of colours splashing this way and that. While the paint was drying she used tools, toys and stamps to add texture. She jumped excitedly as she saw a pink layer below being exposed. I named it Octavia as a reminder of its eight-month journey.'

Here is an example of 'Octavia' mounted and framed.