Painting a Lullaby Giclee Print

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Iris was in a great mood, and late into the night, after her bath, I had a very receptive little girl: happy to engage, talking and creating a beautiful painting. I knew that maybe I wasn’t doing her or myself any favours by not keeping to a routine but for the first time Iris managed to say a clear ‘painting’ and ‘paint’ along with all sorts of other words she had used before. My excitement about this set her off running around the kitchen and to the hallway with her hands in the air as if she had scored a goal. Sometimes Iris could say words but the pronunciation was a little off, so only I would be able to tell what she was saying, but hearing her that night it was brilliantly clear. She returned and added some more paint to the paper and then rushed off again with the brush, over the carpeted floor, which made my heart leap, and then on to the sofa where Thula was. She lay on the sheet that I used to protect the furniture and dotted spots of the paint just in front of her paws. Iris wanted her to be included in the activity too and for her to enjoy the colours as she had. We laughed as Thula tried to catch the colour by putting her furry paws over the spots of paint. Soon after the games with Thula Iris went upstairs, climbed into bed and fell fast asleep within minutes, and so I named the piece 'Painting a Lullaby.'


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Here is a Detail photograph of Painting a Lullaby

Here is an example of 'Painting a Lullaby' mounted and framed.